Porsche is preparing an ultra-sporty, 7-seater luxury electric SUV

German carmaker Porsche is developing a 7-seater electric SUV, which is currently given the factory designation “K1”. It is planned that it will be above the Macan and Cayenne in the model range, but the price of the car could exceed 200 thousand euros. If everything goes according to plan, the new model will arrive in Porsche showrooms around the world in 2027.

As reported Autocar, the car is built on the new PPE electric car platform and will be equipped with a particularly modern 920V battery system, while the car should be able to travel 700 kilometers on a single charge. Despite its large size and seven seats, Porsche promises it will be “a very sporty interpretation of the crossover”.

Taking into account such statements, as well as the price discussed, this car will rather compete with Ferrari Purosangue and similar models. Planned to be the flagship of Porsche’s crossover lineup, this will feature all the latest, greatest technology that Porsche has to offer.

Until now, the upcoming model still has to wait for some time, but if you are waiting for a new electric Porsche model, then the German manufacturer will have something to offer – the modernized Taycan is expected already this year, and the electric Macan will also go on sale at the end of the year or next year. After that, we will also expect an electric Panamera and Cayman, but these are already a little further projects, about which less is known for now.

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