Porsche is investing heavily in synthetic fuels

A classic combustion engine for petrol or diesel, or an electric motor or a car for hydrogen? These are more or less already, or soon will be, conventional ways of moving the vehicle. So far, less attention has been paid to the “third” way, the development of so-called synthetic fuels, in the pursuit of greening transport.

Porsche has now spoken out loud about this trend. The German brand sees this as one of the solutions to its future. The company is now investing heavily in the field of synthetic fuels, if you want e-fuels. At the conference TechCrunch website called Mobility, said Detlev von Platen, a member of the carmaker’s management.

“New regulation is pouring in on us from all over the world, from California, Europe and China. And the development of e-fuels for conventional internal combustion engines can be a way to reduce the cost of manufacturing conventional cars. Because otherwise cars, as we know them today, will soon become more expensive than, for example, electric cars, “says von Platen.

Alternative fuels are made from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Energy from renewable sources is used in their production. Many other German carmakers, such as Audi and Volkswagen, have programs in this area.

However, the declared entry into this market by Porsche can be a significant step forward. The cars of this brand are exceptional in their “longevity”. It is stated that up to 70 percent of the cars produced by this brand are still in operation.

“We are also working on the industrialization of this technology, to make it cheaper. So far, it is still significantly more expensive than the gasoline and diesel used. In any case, it is something that can continue to be a valid competition for electric cars, ”adds von Platen.

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