Pornpirun Wangchabakaew thrusts great form to face Cameroon in the World Cup playoffs – fresh news

Pornpirun Pilawan is a Thai women’s soccer player. Hopes soft-bodied footballers squeeze in great form in their debut duel against Cameroon Play-offs to find tickets for the World Cup finals.

Pornpirun Pilawan is a Thai footballer who plays for the Thai women’s national team. along with his teammates On the training ground continuously To prepare for the Women’s World Cup playoff round in New Zealand Between 14-23 February 2023

Chaba Kaew Army under the leadership of Miyo Okamoto, head coach of Japan. Has been in the camp continuously since January 6 before cutting the players down to 23 people and leaving for New Zealand on February 14

By Pornpirun Pilawan, defender from My Navy Sendai Ladies, a team in the Japanese league, said, “I will try to bring what I have received from Japan back to help the team as much as possible. show play form about various attitudes obtained from Japan The style of play, everything will be shown for everyone to help raise the team to develop as well as Japan.”

“It’s about adapting to Coach Miyo. didn’t adjust much because they are quite the same style of play Changing an offensive game into a defensive game try to adapt to the Thai team because of meeting Cameroon we already know He is strong and quite fast. If we can do this well We have more chances to win.”

“Ask if you’re under pressure, pressure, enough pressure. because we have to go through Will try to play my best, follow the coach’s advice and give my best in the first game.

“The atmosphere in the team is both seniors who have been with us for a long time and juniors who have moved up. Returning to the team this time was fun. Every time I played with the Thai national team, I was happy. because we have been playing for a long time Now our team is ready. It only remains to fix some things that we haven’t played well enough.”

For the Thai women’s national football team (rank 41) in Line A together with Cameroon (rank 58) and Portugal (rank 22), the first game of the Thai national team Will enter the field to meet Cameroon on February 18 at 1:00 p.m. (Thailand time) at Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, who won the first game. will have to meet with Portugal to win tickets to the 2023 World Cup

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