PORDENONE DRAMATIC BULLETIN New leap of infections in the region: now the

PORDENONE New leap of infections in the region: now the curve of infections travels towards five hundred infections. In the last 24 hours in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 468 new infections were detected out of 5,659 swabs performed while 5 deaths from Covid-19 were recorded, three of which in the province of Pordenone. To lose his life in the Covid ward of the Pordenone hospital where a 91-year-old man, Giovanni De Vizia, residing in Casarsa, had been hospitalized for a few days. And also at Santa Maria degli Angeli a 96-year-old woman who was a guest in the Cavasso retirement home died. The elderly woman – as specified by the management of Le Betulle di Cavasso where she was a guest – had been suffering for some time from a series of pathologies. Precisely because of her very compromised clinical picture she had recently been hospitalized several times. The last one a few days ago, after it had also tested positive for coronavirus. The third death, dating back to dawn on Wednesday, relates to a 94-year-old woman, residing in Pordenone, who died in the city hospital where she had been hospitalized coming from a residence for the elderly. Also in this case the old woman presented an already pathological picture.
The people tested positive for the virus in the region since the beginning of the pandemic amounted to a total of 9,610, of which: 3,151 in Trieste, 3,552 in Udine, 1,839 in Pordenone and 977 in Gorizia, in addition to 91 people from outside the region. There are currently 4,160 cases of infection. The number of patients being treated in intensive care has dropped to 34 while the number of hospitalized patients in other departments rises to 152. The total deaths amounted to 387, with the following territorial subdivision: 205 in Trieste, 86 in Udine, 85 in Pordenone and 11 in Gorizia. The totally healed are 5,063, the clinically healed 52 and the people in isolation 3,922.
Meanwhile, the guard remains very high in the things of rest of the territory. In particular where outbreaks of contagion are underway, in Cavasso Nuovo and San Quirino. Yesterday the number of elderly guests and operators remained stable, but the situation is kept under control by monitoring through swabs who the guests and employees are subjected to. In the elderly center of Spilimbergo – where the positivity of an operator had emerged on Wednesday – the results of the swabs of the elderly in the nuclei where the employee had worked in the last few days were all positive. And the fear has also returned to Casa Serena in Pordenone where a nurse has manifested the virus infection after one of the periodic cycles of tamponade to which the staff is subjected. About ten days after the outbreak that had broken out in the elderly center in via Revedole, the procedure started again with the restart of the tests. In fact, yesterday the operators were subjected to a swab and all were negative. Today tests also for the guests of the nuclei where the operator worked.
Meanwhile, the mayor of Cavasso Nuovo Silvano Romanin – who is moving with other mayors of the foothills – is about to send a letter to the top of the Asfo to formalize the request so that the possibility of obtaining a space is evaluated, either in the hospital of Maniago or in that of Spilimbergo, to be designated as RSA-Covid on the model of Sacile. “It could be useful – he said – to facilitate the management of nursing homes and to decongest the residence in Sacile which is saturated”.

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