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KOMPAS.com – New variant corona virus spread not only in the UK but also in a number of other countries.

This variant is known to be 70 percent more infectious than the causative virus variant Covid-19 in general.

Other than that, a new variant of the corona virus has 7 other symptoms apart from the common symptoms that occur in Covid-19 patients.

News symptoms of the corona virus related to the new variant of the corona virus, it is one of the popular news on the Trends page.

More about popular news on the Trends page from Friday (25/2/2020) to Saturday (26/12/2020) as follows:

1. 7 Symptoms related to a new variant of the corona virus

Quoting from the Times of India, the National Health Service (NHS) also highlights symptoms of Covid-19 experienced by many patients when infected with this new type of corona virus.

Apart from the common symptoms of Covid-19 such as fever, dry cough, and loss of the sense of smell and taste, there are 7 other symptoms that have been associated with the new variant of corona.

Among them are fatigue, headaches, diarrhea to rashes on the skin.

More can be read here:

See, These are 7 Symptoms Associated with the New Corona Virus Variant

2. Skin rashes of Covid-19 patients such as Dewi Perssik

Dangdut singer Dewi Perssik was infected with the corona virus and it received the public spotlight, especially the symptoms of skin rashes.

The singer whose real name is Dewi Murya Agung has been declared cured of Covid-19.

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The results of his two swabs have shown negative results for the corona virus.

During the Covid-19 infection, Dewi Perssik experienced symptoms of a red rash on her face and body.

The full story can be read here:

Experienced by Dewi Perssik, What Should You Know About Skin Rashes in Covid-19 Patients?

3. Prevent not contracting the corona virus

Much of the new variant of the corona virus is known to be more contagious and has spread in a number of countries.

Including the closest is Indonesia’s neighbor, namely Singapore.

Special Staff to the Minister of Health for Development and Health Financing, Dr. Alexander K Ginting, said there are a number of tips that can be done so that we avoid spreading the virus.

“Prevention can be by contact tracing, quarantine, isolation, using masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, and by faith, safety and immunity,” he said.

More details can be read here:

Crowded about the New Variant of Corona Virus, What are the Prevention Efforts to Avoid Transmission?

4. Are the fallen CPNS replaced by another CPNS?

The process of determining the Employee Identity Number (NIP) is still ongoing until Friday (25/12/2020).

There are still many agencies that have not finished determining NIP.

After the determination of the NIP, participants passed the 2019 Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS) starting to be designated as CPNS with TMT (Starting from Date).

However, there were also those who died after being announced they had passed CPNS. According to data from the State Civil Service Agency (BKN) until December 24, 2020, 10 people died from 6 agencies.

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Can they be replaced by a rank below them?

Check out the full explanation in the following news:

Not Fulfilling the Requirements, 10 CPNS in 6 Agencies Fall, Are Other Candidates Replaced?

5. List of countries that have started vaccination

The State of Mexico started the corona virus vaccination for its citizens on Thursday (24/12/2020).

The vaccines used are made by Pfizer and BioNTech.

Reported by the AP, Friday (25/12/2020), as many as 3,000 doses of the Covid-19 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine were injected in an official event that was broadcast live.

Apart from Mexico, there are 9 other countries that have also started the process of vaccinating the corona virus.

The complete news can be read here:

Mexico and 9 Countries That Have Started Covid-19 Vaccinations


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