Popular game developers released “early development game footage” one after another, creating a festival. A silent protest against the theory “Graphics are perfected first” – AUTOMATON

Development studios and popular game makers are releasing the “production phase graphics” of their titles one after another. The video under development is in a so-called unfinished state and is also confidential information. You probably don’t want to post products that have already been launched, unless it’s during a class. However, they are open to the public. Also, in common with those tweets, the phrase “Graphics are the first thing to end in a video game” is cited. What the hell is that?

It was a controversy that sparked it. The other day the video file in development of the new “Grand Theft Auto” (Related article). Reactions to the leaked video varied, but some users said, “It looks like an unfinished product.” In response to such criticism, a popular influencer throws a stone. “The leak of GTA6 shows that gamers don’t know the flow of development. It’s a leaked video, so it’s only natural that it’s an unfinished product,” he tweeted.

This tweet received support, including 270,000 likes. However, it appears that some people disagreed with this tweet. One of them proposed that “graphics are the first thing in a video game” (the account that published it is now private). In other words, he claims that what’s leaked this time around is almost close to the finished product.

On the other hand, the parties who know the game development site are tsukkomi. And as proof of this, it shows how far the temporary graphics are from the finished product, together with the images of the actual prototype phase. People involved in popular games post videos one after another during development.

Particularly noteworthy is the official Twitter account of “Cult of the Lamb”. The account posted a video of the “initial development release”. In the product version, the world is colorful with colorful backgrounds and effects, but the first development version is quite simple, including the background. The animation is also quite incomplete. On the other hand, you can also see that the main action gameplay is already close to completion. It is getting attention because the development video of the hit action has been released which is now exciting.

Writer Cian Maher also posted the first development images of Horizon: Zero Dawn. In the product version, the ferocious Thunder Joe looks like a toy block. Guerrilla (Games), the developer of the same work, has released the initial development version at gaming events such as GDC. Citing such materials, he appears to be stating that “Although it is a beautiful masterpiece, the initial development version is approximate.” Maher also introduces the first “God of War” development footage.

Remedy lead designer Paul Ehreth also showed the first footage of the hit psychic action “Control”. The work was highly regarded for its beautiful graphics, but obviously the graphics were incomplete in the early stages of development and there were many places where textures weren’t applied and there were a lot of matte backgrounds. On the other hand, the psychic power part is completed and you can feel the potential as a product.

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Some developers have posted jokes in line with this trend. Creator Sam Barlow, who recently released Immortality, posted an image. “Here are the images of the first two years of balancing the AI ​​and the combat system in the making of Immortality, compared to the production version,” he says. The left is the early development and the right is the production version. There is no AI bargaining or fighting in Immortality. This is a bogus joke.

Additionally, Brace Yourself Games, which is currently developing a new rhythm game “Rift of the NecroDancer”, has released a video of the first phase of development of the yoga mini game which is part of the same work. A man with glasses is practicing a strange yoga. It is true that this type of yoga minigame was seen in the PV of the same work, but something is different. Apparently, this video is the material when game director Marlon Wiebe made a mockup. This will also be a first development video.

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What I have presented is just one example of the many videos in development. Many creators, in their own way, strongly refute the view that “graphics are the first thing to finish in a video game”. Looking at these examples, it can be seen that the provisional graphics, although provisional, are almost completely different from the finished product. The difference is the trace of the creators’ hard work towards completion.

Or from these posts, you might as well experience your peers’ resentment and anger at the leaked development footage for the new Grand Theft Auto. Developers work every day to improve the quality of their games. Some people will do their best by imagining the happy faces of the fans at the time of the announcement. The act of spoiling such efforts with leaks is inexcusable. From this series of movements, you may be able to glimpse the little solidarity of the developers.

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