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POPULAR: Children Kill Father Who Tortures Mother and Sister Rapist | Residents Died when Sacrificing


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Recently, the story of a teenager killing his stepfather was under discussion.

Teenager named Jef (18) in Musirawas was determined to kill his stepfather, Johan Saputra (49).

Jef did not accept because Johan Saputra often tortured his mother, even raped her sister twice.

Meanwhile, there were mourning events on Eid al-Adha.

Among them was a resident in Tasikmalaya who collapsed and died while killing a sacrificial animal.

In Bali, a teenage girl with the initial KFS (17) is determined to dispose of the baby that she gave birth to until the baby is killed by monitor lizards.

Now the police are still looking for the biological father of the baby.

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Here are the most popular regional news in full:

1. Son Kills Stepfather

For the sake of defending his mother and sister, Jef must now be arrested by Muara Lakitan Police Station.



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