Popular blogger delighted with pictures in a bikini

Photo: instagram.com/raminalalala

Ramina Eshaqzai

Ramina Eskhakzai took a vacation in Sri Lanka and showcases beach outfits to fans.

Blogger and YouTube Channel Host Rumor has it Ramina Eskhakzai posted seductive pictures in a swimsuit on Instagram.

Finalist of the fifth season of the show Bachelor is resting in Sri Lanka with his lover, lawyer Yevgeny Pronin.

Ramina appeared in a black bikini with spicy cutouts, which favorably emphasized her slender figure. The image was complemented by sunglasses and a cap.

“The main thing is to take a photo“ before ”you can’t suck in your stomach and“ after ”the swelling from the flight has subsided,” Eskhakzai joked under the photo.

A few days earlier, the blogger published footage on the beach with a coconut in her hands, and also posed on a sun lounger in a bright “animal” bikini.

Fans of the presenter bombarded her with compliments and noted her “natural” appearance.

“Ramina, you have a gorgeous figure”, “You give feminine forms to the masses”, “You are very natural, without plastics”, “Natural beauty! Such a rarity in our time”, “You look gorgeous”, “Ramina, you are very beautiful, slender girl “, – wrote the fans.

Recall last May Ramina was vacationing in the Maldives.

Ukrainian blogger boasted a photo in a bikini

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