POPULAR 4 New WhatsApp Features You Can Try, Forever Mute Groups to Video Calls of 50 People

TRIBUNMATARAM.COM WhatsApp users can now enjoy the latest four features of this chat application, including being able to mutate groups for good, have you tried it?

WhatsApp is one of the most used chat applications for many people.

This certainly makes WhatsApp continue to innovate and present various new features.

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Starting from sending voice messages to being able to video calls with this chat application.

Even now WhatsApp already providing new updates in the features of this application.

The addition of these four new features will certainly make it easier for WhatApp users when using this chat application.

Check out the list of new WhatsApp features that are starting to be enjoyed, as quoted from TribunMataram.com Kompas.com:

1. Mute forever

Facebook replaces WhatsApp and Instagram. (liveatpc.com)

WhatsApp recently launched the Mute Forever feature.

This feature allows users to mute notifications in groups WhatsApp not only up to a year.

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