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After reciting the Angelus, the Pope condemned the spread of sexual violence against women, and in his prayers he recalled the German tramp Scheff who “frozen to death” under the colonnade of Piazza San Pietro Le.

(Vatican News Network)Sexual violence against women is “unfortunately a pervasive and omnipresent phenomenon, and is also used as a weapon of war”. Pope Francis said this after the recital of the Angelus on Sunday 27 November. Many people took part in a march against sexual violence against women during the conflict, organized that morning by the British Embassy to the Holy See. The Pope greets them.

The campaign aims to “highlight the global problem of sexual violence being used as a weapon of war around the world”. The Vatican Athletes Association also participated in the event. Those who participated in the procession departed from different starting points in Rome and arrived in St. Peter’s Square at noon to recite the Angelus with the Pope.

“My thoughts also go to Burkhard Scheffler. He died three days ago under the colonnade of St. Peter’s Square: from the cold”, said the Pope after the song. .

“He lived on the streets of Rome and was helped by the Pontifical Service of Charity. Unfortunately, the last few cold and rainy nights have made it even more difficult to resist his already fragile physical condition,” said Bruni, director of the Holy See press. Office. Bruni stressed that the pope has invited the faithful to join him in praying for Scheffler and “all the homeless who are forced to live on the streets in Rome and around the world.”

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