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A few days ago, the International Forum of the Catholic Association for Education held its eighth conference and elected a new director. “The spirit of fraternity needs to take root in the Church, and for this reason, like a people on the move, it must move in the same direction”, wrote the Pope.

(Vatican News Network)The International Forum of the Conference of the Catholic Church held its eighth meeting a few days ago in Rome. On this occasion, Pope Francis wrote to the Forum stating that “the spirit of fraternity must take root in the Church”. After leading the faithful to pray the Angelus on Sunday 27 November, the Pope addressed a special greeting also to this institution which brings together and coordinates the associations of Catholic Churches from all over the world. In his letter, the Pope refers to the journey begun more than 30 years ago by Cardinal Pironio, who felt the need to create a forum in which the Catholic Church could contribute to the challenges of the new evangelization, each local and rich in the characteristics of various cultures. “Despite the difficulties of the time, many of you have firmly followed this instinct and have launched into this work with your skills and your willingness to proclaim the Gospel”, wrote the Pope.

The Pope speaks of difficult times and of hope. “Trouble times can be challenging, but they can also turn into times of hope,” he said. Quoting Cardinal Pironio, the Pope reiterated the importance of marking in life, not a sign of emptiness or death, but a sign of light that transmits hope. “Hoping to overcome the difficulties, discords and sufferings that arise in everyday life”.

The Pope also recalled walking side by side and learning the art of dialogue. He said that it is necessary to learn to listen to each other and learn the art of dialogue with others without barriers and prejudices, especially with those who are on the margins of society, and try to bring them closer, which is God’s style.

Furthermore, the Pope urges the new leaders of the International Forum of the Catholic Conference to be people who listen. He said that he begins by listening to men, women, the elderly, young people and children. He also invites him to “listen carefully to avoid answering questions that nobody asks, or saying things that nobody cares about”. The Pope recommends “listen” with ears open to the novel and with a Samaritan heart.

Finally, the Pope invited the participants in the International Forum of the Catholic Church to follow the example of the Virgin Mary, because “She listened, stood up and served”. The Pope pledged to pray for them.

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