Pope Francis was vaccinated against coronavirus alongside Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Francis (85) and former Pope Benedict XVI (94) were vaccinated side by side with the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccine.

According to Yonhap News, a spokesman for the Holy See, Matteo Bruni, confirmed that both people had been vaccinated against Corona 19 in a question and answer with reporters.

Pope Francis is said to have been vaccinated on the 13th, the first day of the Vatican’s vaccination campaign, and Benedict XVI on the morning of that day.

Earlier, some media, such as the Argentine Daily La Nacion, reported that the Pope was vaccinated on the 13th, but the Papal Office maintained a position of neither poet nor denial as customary.

Inside and outside the Holy See, there were many prospects that the two former and incumbent popes would be the first candidates for vaccination, as they were old and vulnerable to viral diseases.

Earlier, Pope Francis encouraged vaccination in an interview with an Italian news program aired on the 10th, saying that denying the vaccine is a dangerous thing that jeopardizes the lives of others as well as himself.

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