[POP초점]After Park Eun-ji married, she gained 10 kg in LA.. Weight loss with exercise + diet supplements (Total)

[POP초점]Eunji Park “After marriage, I gained 10kg by living in LA.. I lost weight with exercise + diet supplements” (Total)


Park Eunji YouTube video capture

Broadcaster Park Eun-ji gave tips on losing 10kg.

On the 22nd, Eunji Park posted on her YouTube channel, saying,’From nutritional supplements to perfumes! | A video titled’Recommended Items with Vertical Increase in Quality of Life’ was posted.

In the video, Eunji Park revealed the recommended items she uses in her daily life. Park Eun-ji recommended nutritional supplements, saying, “Because I’m approaching my 40 age anyway. It’s beauty and I don’t need everything. I need to take care of my health.” Then Park Eun-ji said, “It’s not 40 yet,” he denied, and made a laugh.

Park Eun-ji, who is taking vitamin D, said, “Even if I take multi-vitamins, I take vitamin C. My sister Sayuri recently gave birth to a healthy child. Sayuri told me to take folic acid and vitamin D. I am married and I am old, so I am pregnant now. The time to prepare is approaching, so I told them to eat it.”

Park Eun-ji was a honeymooner who lost 10kg on a diet. He said, “I didn’t eat dinner when I was broadcasting. I kept 53~54kg in 170cm. But since I got married and came to the United States, I didn’t have anything to do and didn’t have any eyes to broadcast,” he said. “Because my husband is a person here, there are so many places with me. Went to. It was so comfortable that I gained 7-8kg. no. I’ve gained up to 10kg.”

Park Eun-ji released a picture of the time he gained about 10 kg. Somewhat different atmosphere attracts attention with the chubby cheeks than now. He said, “I don’t want to gain weight again. The broadcast came back from last fall, 2019. I lost weight. I lost weight by exercising and taking diet supplements little by little. I lost weight and became a person.” “I started to eat beer little by little, but because I had beer, I got my belly fat. So, I didn’t want to do it, so I found something that I could enjoy with other cocktails.”

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Subscribers are also showing satisfaction and sympathy for Park Eun-ji’s honest stories and recommendations.

Meanwhile, Park Eun-ji married a two-year-old non-celebrity in 2018 and lives in Los Angeles, USA.

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