Poort’s reflections allow for greater self-awareness

On FLOWERING. the brand new Rock Academy alumnus Tycho Poort translates his path to adulthood. In doing so, the young Leidener looks at himself, but also at his environment. Because in which circumstances do you flourish best?

The musical route is just as interesting. Poort sings, while accompanying himself on the piano, that he has never really seen love work. He saw his parents split up at a young age. The melancholic violin part that his father adds to the acoustic ‘Nothing More’ provides a dose of extra emotion. In another song he has Symphony Orchestra Nijmegen play over a sample he drew from his own beatbox.

Poort dares to give a place to radical events from his youth. While doing so, he experiments with both singer-songwriter influences and booming 808 bass lines. Meanwhile, his self-awareness and acceptance grows with every track. Proof that beautiful and challenging music is made in the underground of Dutch hip-hop.

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