Poor battered blonde. Marilyn Monroe’s biography has sparked controversy


It was clear from the moment Andrew Dominik, famous for coward Robert Ford’s Killing Jesse James film, took over the project that it would not be a traditional pbh. In it, he conceived the fate of the outlaw in an unusual way, like an artistic western, and this is how the scope of Thodin’s length is increased.

Blonde has sparked controversy since Netflix filed an order to mitigate sexual content; pesto has received an availability notice and in seventeen years, which was a first for a streaming service. Dominique was surprised because I thought we had cleared up all the controversial moments.

Sam described his creation as an avalanche image and event with a minimum of dialogue, he was also surprised by the choice of the main character, because Cuban actress Ana de Armas had to wear a blonde wig, blue eyes in contact and dentures to look more like Marilyn Monroe; navc has been honing the American sound for a long time.

In the end, however, first of all, it falls within the voices appreciated by both admirers and detractors of Blondnka. The contradictory reaction will be on the one hand bordering on pornography, on the other a single-line image of heroin. This is a portrait of Monroe betraying her suffering and her pain by canonizing her into the feminist saint who died for our children. Umuen Marilyn, stand in the Guardian newspaper review.

The Hollywood Reporter thinks that the tragic end of the world, absorbed by Hollywood and ultimately left to its own despair, resonates because we know its sad story. But it’s hard to ignore the unpleasant feeling that Dominik is playing on a cheap floor.

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According to IndieWire, it’s not that Dominik made an unlikely film about a poor young woman haunted by fears of madness destroyed by the Hollywood mainstream, it’s that he made a Marilyn Monroe-inspired film, in which the character is as monotonous as the general public. And Screen Daily is about a technically competent and timely actor and a long chronicle of abuse and abuse, which continues in the tradition of sensationalism.

Similar objections are repeated in the visions of the first girls. The film was meant to show all the tragedies in her life, but it is so often played on the same and only note, over and over again, that it is boring to watch. Falling in such a way as to be disgusting, ugly, evil, evil, dark, lazy.

It is a glimpse of misery, pain and suffering, the actress’s relationship with JFK is too reducible to one-sided snobbery, and Monroe’s life is a mix of leeches, crooks, con artists, rapists and vultures. Dominik jumps from one traumatic fevered dream to another, and there is no shortage of evidence that people in preview cinemas much prefer to stare at the ceiling.

On the other hand, however, others appreciate that after the screening there were applause for almost a quarter of an hour, that he is single, and that Blondnka is based on fiction, from the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, therefore the license of ‘ author and director cannot be confused with the normal parameters of a biography.


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