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11:10 Simon Ehammer flies at 7.89m in the long decathlon, Swiss clearly in the lead also thanks to the best time trial in the 100m.

11:08 DOSSO WINS IN 10.38. Quite quiet race for the blue, who was by far the strongest of this battery, pass of the turn obtained!

11:06 It’s up to the women’s 100m heats, there is Zaynab Dosso in the first!

11:05 Bruni remains in the race! Rachele overcomes 4.25m on the third attempt by a considerable margin. Error on the first attempt at 4.40m for Molinarolo.

11:04 Nienke Brinkman leads the leading group at the 8.2km of the marathon in 29:13, very well Giovanna Epis who remains attached to the Dutchman’s ankles.

11:02 Attention, second error at 4.25m for Rachele Bruni, the blue is with his back to the wall.

11:00 Personal best for the Irish Israel Olatunde who, with 10.19, wins the third and last 100m heat.

10:57 The long jump of the decathlon will also start shortly with Dario Dester busy.

10:54 Rachele Bruni misses the first attempt at 4.25m.

10:52 Anna Incerti comes off slightly, who at 5km is forty-second at 10 seconds.

10:50 Swiss Pascal Mancini wins the second 100m heat in 10.24.

10:47 Well Elisa Molinarolo! The blue also exceeds 4.25m on the first attempt!

10:45 In the marathon, 15 are already lagging behind the head of the race.

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10:42 Slovenian Jan Volko wins the first 100m battery with a more than decent 10.22, Henrik Larsson (10.31) and Przemyslaw Slowikowski (10.35) also pass the turn.

10:39 In the marathon still compact group at 1.7km. 63 athletes are competing.

10:37 Roberta Bruni has decided to enter the race at 4.25m, she flies in the final by right with 4.55m.

10:35 The women’s marathon has also started, in the race for Italy Giovanna Epis and Anna Incerti.

10:33 PONZIO AND FABBRI IN THE FINAL! Nick and Leonardo qualify in the final act respectively with the seventh (20.44m) and the tenth measure (20.30m).

10:31 The qualification of the women’s pole vault also started: Elisa Molinarolo passed the first measure (4.10m) without problems.

10:29 Well Dario Dester! The blue closes third in the last heat of the 100m of the decathlon in 10.81 (903 points), going very close to his personal. Victory for Simon Ehammer in 10.56.

10:26 Leonardo Fabbri decides to pass the third attempt aware that the measure made previously is enough for the final.

10:24 Unfortunately another null arrives for Sebastiano Bianchetti. The blue with 19.37m is already mathematically eliminated.

10:22 Pontius answers! Nick throws the weight at 20.44m and enters provisional fourth place.

10:20 Estonian Janek Oiglane wins the second heat of the 100m of the decathlon in 11.01. In the third and last heat there will be Dario Dester.

10.18 Well Leonardo Fabbri! The blue gets 20.27m at the second launch and is currently fourth in the standings!

10:16 Sebastiano Bianchetti enters the race with 19.37m at the second jump, at the moment with this measure there is no hope of entering the final.

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10:13 Tomas Stanek with 21.39m is the first to pass the qualification measure.

10:11 Nick Ponzio, who throws the weight at 20.04m, is much better, but we need to add a few centimeters to be sure of qualification.

10:08 Not exciting first launch for Leonardo Fabbri who, with 19.16m, is currently fourth in group B.

10.05 Martin Roe wins the first heat of the 100 meters of the decatlhon in 10.94.

10:03 Sebastiano Bianchetti’s race begins with a null.


09:57 Everything is now ready for the shot put qualification. The measure with which one qualifies by right to the final is 21.15m, in case of failure to remove the pass will be the best 12.

09:54 In the morning we will also have the opportunity to attend the men’s 100m heats, from which however Marcell Jacobs is exempt thanks to one of the best 12 times on the entry list.

09:51 Then it will be time for the men’s dechatlhon, which will begin with the 100 meters and which will see Dario Dester competing for Italy. Following in the morning the qualification of the women’s pole vault with Molinarolo and Bruni engaged, the marathon and much more.

09:48 The competition program will start with the qualification of the men’s shot put, in Italy there is expectation for Sebastiano Bianchetti, Leonardo Fabbri and, above all, for Nick Ponzio.

09:45 There are 5 races that award her medals: men’s and women’s marathon, men’s and women’s shot put and 10,000 meters for women.

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09:42 After the great emotions of the Eugene World Cup a few weeks ago, finally today the continental review also kicks off with an Italy that has never been so competitive.

09:39 Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the first day of the European Athletics Championships 2022.

When does Marcell Jacobs run?

Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the first day of the European Athletics Championships 2022 of Munich (Germany).

Five races award medals on day 1: the men’s and women’s marathon, the men’s and women’s shot put and the women’s 10,000 meters. In the men’s marathon there will be Daniele Meucci who has already been European champion. Elias Aouani it can do great things. They will also be present René Cunéaz, Daniele D’Onofrio and Stefano La Rosa. There will be Italy in the women’s marathon Giovanna Epis and Anna Incerti.

In the morning there will be the qualifications of the men’s shot put which will see protagonists Nick Ponziothe Italian spearhead. Also watch out for Sebastiano Bianchetti and above all to Leonardo Fabbri. Dario Dester will begin his adventure in the decathlon. First heats in the 100 meters: Marcell Jacobs is exempt based on one of the best 12 times on the entry list.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE on the first day of the European Athletics Championships 2022. Good fun!

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