Pontevedra, among the most romantic cities in Spain

Pontevedra is among the ten most romantic cities in Spain, in a ranking prepared by the tourist magazine “Tur 43”. Specifically, the publication places Pontevedra as the fourth most romantic city in the state, based on statistical work carried out by the vacation rental website Holidu.

From the capital of Lérez, this publication highlights “a dinner in a good restaurant and a city to walk around and enjoy an incomparable monumental and artistic heritage, this is Pontevedra”.

For the magazine “Tur 43”, Pontevedra “becomes an ideal destination” for a trip for lovers and invites travelers to “discover the endless squares and wonderful corners that it hides. Among them is the Praza da Ferrería”.

The other cities included in this list of romantic destinations are Toledo, Salamanca, Granada (ahead of Pontevedra), as well as León, Pamplona, ​​Alicante, Segovia, Girona and Cádiz.

To carry out the study, the Holidu website analyzes the results of searches carried out by travelers using terms such as “romantic restaurant”, “for couples”, or “romantic getaway”.


This same magazine includes Pontevedra in another report, this time to talk about the best cities to go for tapas. The magazine echoes the vacation rental search engine Holidu, which has also compiled this ranking of the best-regarded cities for tapas.

Here, three Galician cities (Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña and Pontevedra) represent Green Spain on a list that they share with five Andalusian cities (Seville, Granada, Cádiz, Málaga and Almería), one Castilian-Leonese (Salamanca) and one Castilian-Manchega ( Toledo).

The capital of Galicia occupies the third position in the ranking, after the Andalusian cities of Seville and Granada. But in this ranking the third Galician city that enters the top 10 tapas, in tenth place, is Pontevedra, which Holidu defines as a little-known city and, at the same time, “very nice to visit”.

“Small, cozy and stately, it has an important historical heritage that, how could it be otherwise if you take into account that it is in Galicia, combines with excellent gastronomy”, explains the report of “Tur 43”.

And he talks about the specialties that can be tasted in the city: “Oysters, cockle pie and lamprey are three of the sea-flavored products that can be tasted in Pontevedra’s restaurants. Although the marine flavor plays a major role, the quality of the pork and beef that comes from the interior of the province also stands out. In total, Pontevedra has 68 restaurants specialized in tapas”, adds the tourist publication.

The second greenest city in the state

A study carried out by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) in 2021 places Pontevedra as the second greenest city in all of Spain. The Catalan institute echoes an investigation published by the scientific journal “The Lancet”, which analyzes the situation of a thousand large European cities (98 in Spain) and which gives Pontevedra an NDVI index, the indicator that measures how green it is a city, of 0.637 points, when the maximum is 1. This index would meet the guidelines of the World Health Organization which, based on its size and type of vegetation, recommends that Pontevedra not drop below 0.560 points. This study shows that the vegetation index of Pontevedra, in Galicia, is only surpassed by Lugo. They are followed by two other Galician cities, Ferrol and Santiago de Compostela. According to this study, Pontevedra has 58.31% of its territory dedicated to green areas, including parks, squares or gardens. But 30.88% of its population lives in areas with less than 25% green areas, a limit set by the WHO.

One of the capitals with the most bridges

Another of the classifications in which Pontevedra is among the first in the state is that referring to bridges. In fact, in less than two kilometers Pontevedra has eight bridges. The city is bathed in a large part of its urban section by the river Lérez, which is saved by the viaducts over the estuary of the AP-9 motorway, the bridge of A Barca, As Correntes, O Burgo, Puente de Santiago, Os Tirantes , the Illa do Covo Footbridge and the “As Words” Bridge, in Monte Porreiro. To these should be added the bridges that cross the river Os Gafos also in the city.

A note of 5.2 out of 10 in security

Pontevedra are among the ten safest cities with more than 75,000 inhabitants in Spain, in a classification led by Albacete and that takes into account the possibilities of suffering robberies, traffic accidents or fires, according to a study prepared by the employers of the insurance sector , Unespa. Specifically, Pontevedra obtains a safety score of 5.2 out of 10, equal to Lugo and Getxo. The city of Lérez is only surpassed in safety by Albacete (5.9), San Cristóbal de La Laguna (5.7), Palencia (5.7), Ourense (5.5), and Salamanca (5.4). As for the categories analysed, the lowest probability of a robbery occurring, whether in a home, in a shop or in a vehicle, is found in San Cristóbal de la Laguna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), Pontevedra and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Thefts are decisive when weighing up the global grade given to municipalities, due to the numerous elements protected by insurance, ranging from residence, to businesses and vehicles, and also because they are “relatively frequent” crimes. ”, explains Unespa.

Galician third in population density

In the classifications of the cities carried out in recent months, Pontevedra also stands out among the Galician cities with the highest population density in its urban center. In fact, the center of the city has up to 572 residents per hectare, an occupation of the territory only surpassed by the 724 inhabitants of the most inhabited neighborhood of A Coruña and by the 600 residents of the Vigo area with the largest number of residents. This highest population density per 10,000 square meters is found in the urban section made up of José Millán, Loureiro Crespo, San Antoniño and Casimiro Gómez streets. These data place Pontevedra as the third most densely populated capital in Galicia. The second densest area within Pontevedra, with 495 residents per hectare, is formed by Cobián Roffignac, Santa Clara, Padre Gaite and Cruz Vermella streets. It is followed by Benito Corbal, Virxe do Camiño, Joaquín Costa and Blanco Porto streets, where the population density reaches 375 residents for every 10,000 square meters.

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