Pontedera, closed in their gym in protest: “We will sleep here until the reopening”

28 October 2020 18:30

At “Afternoon Five” the complaint of two managers: “The money that will come to us is not enough to repay the efforts made”

They have decided to close inside their gym until the November 24, the date on which the restrictions contained in the new Dpcm should end to curb the second wave of infections from Covid-19. Marco and Massimo, two brothers who own the fitness center in Pontedera, in the province of Pisa, have decided to launch their peaceful protest, finding great support from other entrepreneurs and colleagues.

“We protest for the sector, which is quite torn”, they say “Afternoon Five” showing their camping tent where they’ve been sleeping for three nights already. “Before being an entrepreneur – explains one of the two – I am a father and I have to set a good example for my children. I know that the situation is very serious, but they treated us very badly”,



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