Ponferrada incorporates 8 access roads to the limitation to 30 km / h that has entered into force this Tuesday | Radio Bierzo

The Ponferrada City Council will incorporate the speed reduction to 30 kilometers per hour in 8 access points to the city to facilitate adaptation to the new traffic regulations that come into force this Tuesday.

Those front doors They are the avenues of the Castle, Milan, Asturias, Galicia, Portugal and Molinaseca as well as the Sanabria road and the Camino de SantiagoThe access roads of these two-way highways will contemplate the reduction of speed and, in fact, warning signs will be posted for drivers to enter the city in a proper way.

Already in the city, there will be five zones limited to 20km / h, such as the one-way sections of the streets Camino de Santiago, Gómez Núñez, La Paz and Avenida de España, (downtown area) and streets Ancha, Cruz de Miranda and Esteban de la Puente (historic center), all bordering the central almond of the city and which, due to their characteristics, force us to reduce speed further.

The traffic councilor, José Antonio Cartón believes that these measures in addition to the information period “will contribute to reducing accidents, especially road accidents, in addition to reducing noise and also improving the environment with less vehicle consumption,” he adds.

The decision to incorporate those 8 roads to the speed limitation to 30 km / h is the conclusion of the study ‘Ponferrada 30’ carried out by the Local Police of Ponferrada ‘to have a more adequate planning, it is a practical reason for the structure of the city ​​’explains the Mayor of the Local Police, Arturo Pereira.

In addition, the average age of drivers is very high, which is why a period of adaptation is necessary before applying sanctions. It will be from July 1 with fines ranging from 100 euros to 600 euros with withdrawal of points from the card depending on the speed of the offending driver.

The application of the 30km / hour limitation promoted by the European Union also serves to reduce mortality in the event of a run over, since victims are registered at 50 km / h in 90% of cases while the percentage is reduced at 30 km / h at 10%. Hence, the measure serves, especially, to protect the most vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cliches and motorists.

Within this planning, the council does not include the placement of elevated pedestrian crossings to reduce speed. They will only be installed if necessary, as happened on Avenida del Castillo where 17,000 vehicles circulate daily. At the moment, only the location of half a dozen is pending: two in Fuentesnuevas, two in Dehesas and two more in San Cristóbal.

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