“Pom Padyindee Thaksin Remains Undecided on Backing Prime Minister’s Seat after 4-Year Battle, No Mention of Drought”

“Big Pom” raises an army to plead with Phichit people Asking the PPP to raise the province, saying that the country can be one, wanting to say that he doesn’t feel anything after “Wirach” revealed that “Thaksin” sent a message to allow him to sit in the prime minister, reiterating that the relationship with “Big Tu” is good

At 3:30 p.m. on March 25 at Phichit Technical College, Nai Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang Phichit District, Phichit Province, the Palang Pracharat Party (PACC) led by General Prawit Wongsuwan deputy prime minister As party leader, Mr. Santi Promphat, Deputy Minister of Finance As party secretary, Mr. Paiboon Nititawan, deputy leader of the party, Mr. Wirat Ratanaset, deputy leader of the party

Mr. Bunsing Warinrak, Party Executive Committee, Mr. Waratep Rattanakorn, Policy Committee and the director of the party, Capt. Thammanat Phromphao, a former Phayao MP, as the chairman of the northern region

Organize a big speech campaign under the policy “Moving over conflicts, eliminating all problems Developing all areas.

  • Mr. Pornchai Insook District 1,
  • Mrs. Nariya Boonset District 2
  • Mr. Ekawit Ruangmalai, Region 3

With about 7,000 people attending the speech with messages of encouragement, such as overcoming conflict, having a place to live There is no land, Uncle Pom fights, we love Uncle Pom.

Capt. Thammanat said during a speech that He has been in many political parties. But the party with a leader like General Prawit makes it possible for him to say that You are a leader, a kind man. When the election of 2019, the candidates of the PPP in all 3 districts gained the trust of the brothers and sisters here today, the hand-built PPP party MPs moved out of their homes. We don’t mind either. which we are confident that in this election We have seen that quality candidates come to represent the people of Phichit once again. Which I hope everyone will check for us, both candidates and the PPP.

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“The Pracharat Palang Party has made it clear that We will overcome the conflict divisive atmosphere not fun It’s time for Thai people to fight. Therefore, if anyone wants a peaceful country, please choose Palang Pracharat Party, ”said Capt. Thammanat.

Later, at 6:00 p.m., Gen. Prawit arrived at the speech stage in a black Alphard van, registration number 1 Khor Sor 87, Bangkok. By wearing a party jacket, jeans, with people bringing a loincloth to tie around Gen. Prawit’s waist Ready to take a selfie

then General Prawit went up on stage to speak to the public that He felt very warm to be among the people of Phichit. He would like to leave all 3 PPP candidates in everyone’s arms. We are ready to come and work for Phichit people.

The PPP has selected good and talented people to represent the people. to develop and solve problems for all Phichit people He believed that everyone would want to see Phichit grow up, so they had to elect the PPP and all three candidates to work for everyone.

“Pracharat Power Party taking into account the interests of the people Therefore, all of our policies are made for people to live well. Whether it is a civil state card project, care for the elderly, pregnant women, as well as the development of the grassroots economy. to be equal to reduce the problem of disparity create justice in society,” Gen. Prawit said.

Gen. Prawit continued that in the past he had solved the problem of drought and flooding. It can be seen that there has been no drought problem for the past 4 years, there is no drought anymore. and when we There must be a place to eat for all people. We will take care of everyone continuously. For the past 4 years, we have taken care of it. But not all 77 provinces have been completed, so we came back to continue to complete all over the country. on the problem of transnational crime online crime that is dangerous for the country must solve the problem immediately

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“We volunteer to bring love. Unity has come to the nation, the time has come for Thai people to fight among themselves. have to hold hands lead the country to progress for the peace of all Thai people I promise everyone that If you want the country to have love, peace and peace. And there is unity, only have to choose the Palang Prakha Rat Party, ”said General Prawit.

After General Prawit finished his speech, people brought marigold garlands to give. which General Prawit He bowed down to receive himself and said “thank you” after the crowd shouted “Fighting”.

Then General Prawit led party leaders and candidates for MPs together to take pictures together with the people who listened to the speech Ready to do the hand sign pose and the fort 700 pose

After that, Gen. Prawit gave an interview to the media asking about his feelings after the speech. Because a lot of people came to support me. “Oh, there are people to cheer me up, is it good? I’m excited.”

The reporter asked Will the 3 Phichit provinces be able to defend the championship or not? Gen. Prawit said he was trying to do it. But it’s up to the people. Ready to refuse to respond to the struggle of the big house group in Phichit province

When asked about the case where Mr. Wirat Stating that Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister Ready for General Prawit to be Prime Minister Do you feel anything? Gen. Prawit said I still don’t feel anything now. because it is not yet When asked if he welcomed Thaksin’s support or not, General Prawit said don’t know don’t know

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When asked today, Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense As a candidate for Prime Minister of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTC), she spoke about the slogan to overcome conflicts. At the launch of candidate candidates for all 400 districts of the RTP Party, Gen. Prawit said it’s okay, it can be used by anyone.

When asked whether it was a good vision or not, General Prawit said Good, good, because we want the people to be one.

When asked about the relationship with Gen. Prayut Is it still good or not, General Prawit said it’s good

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