Polly Genova’s mother has revealed how she overcame cancer

Singer Polly Genova’s mother has overcome breast cancer. This is what the two women told on bTV. The terrible diagnosis struck Daniela Genova and her family 19 years ago.

“I was 15-16 then, still a teenager. I remember the first time I was put out to sea alone with friends. And actually in a very euphoric moment for me, I got a phone call that not only let me earth, but it changed my life,” says the “Stubbornly” singer.

Wasting no time, Polly leaves her company and takes the first bus to Sofia. This is the longest journey in the singer’s life.

“All kinds of things were going through my mind. We didn’t have that serious access to the internet back then. There was no way for me to get on the phone and see what it was about, how it was being treated. The information I have was that that my mother gave me. Ah, no matter how she acted, she was shocked, and I recognized her by her voice,” says the singer.

Less than a week after the terrible diagnosis, Daniela makes the difficult decision to listen to the doctors and have her left breast removed. Fortunately, thanks to this, her life was saved.

“My mother is a very important person to me. She is my example in life – how a woman can be a very strong figure, how she, even if she has a family, can be independent. The most significant lesson I have received it’s about not giving up no matter what,” admits the proud daughter.

Daniela recently underwent reconstructive surgery and became a full-fledged woman again. She can’t wait for summer to come so she can put on her bathing suit and bask in the sun.

“At first, the fear is great – of the unknown, of how your relatives will accept it. It’s a huge stress for the family. Then you have to pull yourself together and make the right decision,” concludes Daniela.

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