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“The Municipality’s efforts have not borne fruit,” regrets Jean-Daniel Carrard, trustee of Yverdon. We have struggled to offer the population new housing areas but we see our failure: the legalization of neighborhood plans (PQ) Aux Parties, Coteau-Est and Les Roseyres has no chance of succeeding before 2030. This shattering announcement, held at a press conference on Thursday, obviously did not surprise the left of the political spectrum, where voices have been raised for years to contest the urban planning strategy of the second city of the canton.

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The Executive, rather than defining priorities, would bet on all the horses at the same time so as not to offend the promoters and would sometimes persist in costly projects planned outside the construction zone when “their infeasibility has been known to all for years chandeliers, ”observers still observers, Thursday afternoon. An analysis that obviously does not share the Municipality. The latter explains the situation, which its most virulent critics describe as “fiasco”, by “the changing legal provisions which govern land use planning and which have drastically limited the possibilities of development of municipalities, outside the building zone, and especially on areas of rotation ”, that is the top quality arable land which Berne requires the Cantons to set aside a minimum number of hectares. If the spin doctors of the different political groups did not allow the news to cool before overwhelming their opponent, one thing is certain: the press point organized at the spa town, with the representatives of the eight municipalities of the Yverdon-based conurbation, marks a turning point in the legislature.

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Greek calendars

The capital of northern Vaud is not alone in having to postpone some of its neighborhood plans to the Greek calendars. The town of Grandson, for example, will not cut it either. His trustee, François Payot, sighs when he announces that the planning of the PQs of Fiez-Pittet and Bellevue-Borné-Nau-Ouest is postponed until 2030. In addition, the Municipality limits the allocation planned for the construction of the Derrière project -les-Remparts in the only sector bordering the back of the Place du Château district plan, the balance being allocated on a non-constructible or green perimeter, he explains in substance, a little bitter. “The paradoxical effect for Grandson is that we have only been able to build villas,” says the trustee. This is not the spirit of the new planning law. “

The interventions of the various elected officials are linked and the specter of the Territorial Development Service regularly appears as a watermark. “We hope that 2020 will be more stable than the previous years,” said Sonja Roulet, union member for Valeyres-sous-Montagny. His counterpart from Treycovagne, Stéphane Baudat, adds: “We must finally be able to move forward.”

10,890 new inhabitants

If all the municipal and trustees show their dissatisfaction, it is in particular because the population of AggloY is not growing enough for their taste. “The agglomeration, as a whole, has the right to 10,890 new inhabitants until 2030, argues François Payot. However, we are the only agglomeration to need land located outside the building zones to develop. As the State of Vaud, among others, makes this almost impossible, growth stagnates at 1% per year. “

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For its part, Yverdon still has land on building plots. This is one of the reasons put forward by the authorities to explain why the Aux Parties neighborhood plan, for example, will have to wait. “We wanted to move the Energy and Works Department there, as well as Travys and PostBus to advance on Gare-Lac (note: 5000 inhabitants and jobs), sums up Jean-Daniel Carrard. We had to prove that we couldn’t do it somewhere else and, lack of pot, by doing research, we realized that other places were possible. ”Which ones? “There are several possibilities, but we keep them for the moment for us”, retort in a single voice the syndic and the town planner, Gloria Capt.

From now on, in total, the eight Municipalities will have to definitively validate thirty neighborhood plans by the cantonal authorities.

Created: 16.01.2020, 22h24

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