Politicians are already taking advantage of the success of Iga Świętek. Controversial entry by Jacek Sasin Tenis

Age Christmas Roland Garros won on Saturday. He is the first Polish singlist to win the Grand Slam tournament. Our country has been dominated by a real Świątkomania for several days. – Iga’s success is mentioned on every TV channel. It is very happy, tennis is in the main role for at least a moment – said Dawid Olejniczak, commentator of Eurosport and Polsat Sport, former coach of Świątek in an interview with sport.pl.

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Roland Garros won Christmas. “She once survived a mental cataclysm”

All the media talk about the young tennis player, not only those usually dealing with tennis or, more broadly, sports. Its semi-final and final were even broadcast on the generally available TVN station. Journalists want to know everything about Christmas and her career. Hence, on Saturday after the final on TVN24 there were, among others an interview with Andrzej Zaręba, the mayor of the Raszyn commune, where the new champion Roland Garros lives.

Doubts around the scholarship

– The head of the commune in an interview for TVN24 said that Iga receives a scholarship, “small, but receives”. The scholarship is awarded by the head of the commune after consulting the sports scholarship commission, which he appoints himself – says Andrzej Zawistowski, councilor of the Raszyn commune, in an interview with Sport.pl. And he adds: I checked, together with another commune councilor, the minutes of the meeting of the scholarship commission. In 2019 and 2020, there was no application and no scholarship was awarded. Neither last year nor this year Iga Świątek did not receive any scholarship.

– The documentation shows that in 2019 and 2020 no application for a scholarship for Iga was submitted – informs Zawistowski. Without such an application, a tennis player could not be awarded a scholarship. Who could have submitted the application? As it results from chapter 3 point 1 of the resolution of the Raszyn Commune Council of 23 December 2010 on granting scholarships for achieving high sports results in international or national competition: “Scholarships are awarded, suspended and withdrawn by the Head of the Raszyn Commune at the request of an association, club or on its own initiative, after consulting the sports scholarship committee “.

It follows that the mayor on his own initiative could award the tennis player with a scholarship, but he did not do so, and in an interview with TVN24 he argued that Świątek had a scholarship.

Controversial entry by the deputy prime minister

Iga’s final Christmas with Sofia Kenin in Paris ended on Saturday at 16:34. Already at 16:39, Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin wrote on Twitter: I am also glad that Grupa Lotos is the strategic sponsor of the Polish Tennis Association, supporting the development of the discipline and talents such as Iga appear in the colors of the Polish National Team. One cannot forget about the participation of Totalizator Sportowy as the sponsor of Polish tennis.

In fact, the Polish Tennis Association is sponsored by Lotos. However, linking this to the success of Świątek is a slight abuse. The main sponsor of the 19-year-old is Lexus. It is also supported by Red Bull, who arranged for Dad and her sister transport to Paris for Saturday’s final.

Sasin’s entry caused a lot of controversy on Twitter. – It is pathetic to cling to the achievements and talent of this amazing girl. At this age, it would be appropriate to have your own successes – wrote Eliza Michalik from Onet.

– In a normal country, sponsors and patrons invest in sport and wait patiently for their investment to bear fruit. Sometimes it takes many years. In Poland, they wait for a man to set sail thanks to their own hard work, and then in 40 seconds to warm up in the glow of his glory – added Mariusz Czykier from Eurosport.

– Let’s not print dreams anymore, Mr. Jacek Sasin. In this sport, the parents spend money. They commit their time and savings – wrote Jarosław Kuźniar.

On the other hand, MP Tomasz Trela ​​from the Left, after winning Świątek, published a special post with congratulations – originally with the logo of the left. In reaction to negative comments, after 20 minutes he published a new post, no longer logo.

The successes of athletes have always been used by politicians. It is not just a Polish custom. The President invites medalists of great events to the Palace for a commemorative photo, the Prime Minister to the Chancellery of the Council of Ministers for talks. The price of success that is hard to escape from.

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