Political scientist: According to ‘Urbanovičs’ flank is strengthening

In the party “Consistency“the flank of its leader Jānis Urbanovičs is strengthening, explained the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Latvia Jānis Ikstens.

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To the situation in the party, from which in September excluded two The Saeima deputies, Ikstens offers to look at it in a broader context, reminding that for a long time the party has had two flanks or poles – one of them is associated with the former mayor of Riga Nils Ušakovs, and the other – with the current party leader Urbanovičs.

“At a time when Ushakov’s policy has defeated the party in the Riga City Council and he himself is physically away from Brussels, unable to take an active part in the party’s internal batals in person, the second current is trying to restore its influence,” said the expelled MPs. Vyacheslav Dombrovsky and Lubov Schwecov were associated with the “end of Ushakov.”

Ixten believes the party is currently trying to overcome a crisis that has been going on since the European elections and culminated in defeat. Riga City Council emergency elections. “Now there is some kind of crisis prevention work. Whether the crisis will be successfully eliminated and the problems will be cleared up, or new problems will arise in the course of solving one problem, it cannot be said in an instant,” the expert said.

The political scientist reminded that “the dissidents, who were not satisfied with” Saskaņu “, left the party during the working hours of the Riga City Council, weakening Ushakov’s wing”. Ikstens does not see any other “different voices” in the party that could appear after the expulsion of two Saeima deputies.

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“Urbanovich is consolidating his say in the party.” According to the “updated party council, which is also more loyal to Urbanovich and where he has more influence,” said the political scientist, adding that at least in the short term Urbanovich will strengthen his influence in the party.

“Another question is how it will affect the further development of the party, because now the party is without a new face,” Ikstens said, admitting that the party should offer new characters. According to him, Dombrovskis’ promotion was such an attempt. The promotion of the politician Konstantin Chekushin, elected in the Riga City Council, to the position of mayor is also considered to be an attempt to create a new face, but it has not proved successful.

Ikstens emphasized that “Harmony” also has other challenges, for example, the return of the Latvian Russian Union (LKS), which was perhaps a short-term result of the “weakness” of “Riga” in Riga, or some longer-term result “. It is also a question of the party ‘Alternative“The future, because this political force also targets a similar electorate, believes the political scientist.

“Currently,” Harmony “must be not only in the implementation phase of the order and the consolidation of Urbanovich’s influence, but also in the reflection phase,” Ikstens emphasized.

According to the political scientist, Ushakov’s rhetoric, which places more emphasis on belonging to the Russian-speaking community, could mark the first conclusions about the necessary changes in the party.

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