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Political Bureau Standing Committee of the CCP Central Committee Discusses Optimizing Response to COVID-19 – Xinhua English.news.cn

BEIJING, 11 Nov. (Xinhua) – The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Political Bureau held a meeting Thursday to hear a report on the response to COVID-19, as well as discuss and sum up 20 measures to further optimize prevention and epidemic control.

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CCP Central Committee, chaired the meeting and gave an important speech.

New variants continue to emerge, the coronavirus pandemic is underway, and new outbreaks continue in China, the meeting learned.

China is a densely populated country with large groups of vulnerable populations, unbalanced regional development and insufficient medical resources. Outbreaks in parts of China are large-scale, according to the meeting’s attendees.

Due to the virus and climate change in winter and spring, the scale and scale of the outbreaks could further increase and the COVID-19 prevention and control situation remains severe, it was noted.

Participants stressed the need to maintain a firm strategic determination, as well as to conduct the COVID-19 control work in a scientific and targeted manner.

The decisions and plans of the CCP Central Committee should be fully, accurately and comprehensively implemented, the meeting said.

Participants stressed the need to put people and life first, to prevent both the import of cases and the rebound of the epidemic within the country, and to persistently insist on a dynamic zero COVID policy.

According to the meeting, it is necessary to ensure effective control of COVID-19, economic stability and development security, effectively coordinating the prevention and control of epidemics with economic and social development.

Meeting attendees urged efforts to effectively implement the principle of early detection, reporting, quarantine and treatment.

According to the meeting, more resolute and decisive anti-epidemic measures should be put in place to contain the spread of the virus and restore the normal order of work and life as soon as possible.

Efforts should be made to adhere to the scientific and targeted anti-epidemic response and to improve the efficiency of the epidemic control work.

Participants called for greater efforts in research and development of vaccines and drugs.

According to the meeting, the necessary outbreak control measures should not be relaxed, while excessive policies and simplistic handling of problems should be rectified.

Participants stressed that no effort should be spared to provide better services for people’s lives and work, maintain the normal order of production and work, and promote immunization among key groups.

According to the meeting, party committees and government departments at all levels should align their thinking and actions with the decisions and plans of the CCP Central Committee and take concrete and meticulous measures to win the fight against COVID-19. end

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