Polish virtual horror paid for itself in 12 hours. Thanks Halloween

During the pandemic, sales of VR goggles will break records, and – according to analysts – this trend will accelerate. Bloober Team is on the wave – a studio that has just released the latest game dedicated to virtual reality devices.

The Krakow company has just released its newest title – “Blair Witch VR”. After less than 12 hours, the game brought a total return on production and marketing expenses for the VR version. And it should be noted that game developer achieved this result by distributing the game only on Oculus goggles. However, Facebook’s hardware (the Quest 2 model) is so popular that the company can’t keep up with production. The premiere of “Blair Witch” in the version for other VR devices before the Krakow company.

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– The premiere of “Blair Witch VR” turned out to be an incredible success. Halloween is always the perfect moment for immersive thrillers and it was no different in the case of Thursday’s debut – comments Piotr Babieno, president of Bloober Team.

The company developed this production in cooperation with Oculus, thanks to which during its debut and in the coming weeks, the game will be present both in the store and on many social channels. – VR will be one of the main trends in electronic entertainment in the coming time. This is definitely not our last word on this topic – adds the president of Bloober Team.

This independent game developer specializes in the horror genre, his most popular titles include “Layers of Fear” and “Observer”. The latest game was created on the basis of the cult movie “Blair Witch Project”.

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