Polish leader backs down on controversial ‘Russian influence’ law

President of Poland Andrzej Duda stated that the commission, which will investigate the allegations about the “influence of Russia on governments”, has prepared urgent changes in the founding law, so that no deputies will be included in the commission and no one will be barred from public office.

Duda, at a press conference on the subject, responded to criticism of the law he signed earlier this week. Stating that the changes he made would prevent parliamentarians from taking part in the commission, Duda said that he would allow appeals to be made to the general court instead of the administrative court.

Duda noted that the updated law would also abolish the most controversial part of the original law, which allowed the removal of politicians from office. Saying that he is disgusted by the criticisms against him, which he describes as malicious, Duda stated that the changes are a test for Poland’s political elite.

Duda shared the information that the changes will be submitted to the Sejm (lower house of parliament).


Poland will go to the polls in the autumn and opposition figures in the country say the commission, which will be established under the newly passed law on “Russian influence”, may target prominent opposition figures such as Donald Tusk, the former prime minister and currently the leader of the Civic Platform (PO), the largest opposition party, before the general elections. argues.

The ruling Law and Justice Party accuses Tusk of being too friendly towards Russia as prime minister from 2007-2014 and of negotiating natural gas deals in favor of Russia before traveling to Brussels as President of the European Council in 2014-2019.

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It was announced that the commission would have the power to annul an administrative decision that it thought was taken under the influence of Russia, and that those who made such decisions could be banned from public office for up to 10 years. Duda stated that he would take a step back and remove the “bar” provisions with his latest regulation.

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