Polish border guard who escaped to Belarus is suspected of espionage – media

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In Poland, a criminal case was opened against Emil Chechko

Shortly before the escape, the soldier was detained for drunk driving, and traces of marijuana use were also found in his analyzes.

Polish border guard Emil Chechko, who fled to Belarus, is suspected of espionage, the newspaper reports. Onet with reference to their sources.

“Much indicates that Emil Chechko, a soldier of the 11th Mazurian Artillery Regiment, who deserted from the Polish Army, could have been a Belarusian spy or informant for the Lukashenka regime,” the message says.

According to the newspaper, “this version is one of the most serious, which are taken into account by the Polish special services.” It is also reported that the sister of the escaped soldier had a relationship with a citizen of Belarus, and he himself had acquaintances there.

According to the newspaper, the soldier was detained by the police last week for drunk driving. The test showed the presence of almost 1.5 ppm of alcohol in the blood. The police also conducted a drug test, which revealed that the soldier had previously smoked marijuana. At the same time, the man did not admit to the police that he was a professional soldier. Therefore, the military gendarmerie was not called to the scene.

The publication notes that the soldier knew that information from the police would quickly get to his unit, and this would mean dismissal from service.

Meanwhile, the Polish district prosecutor’s office in the city of Bialystok opened a criminal case against Chechko. This was announced on Saturday by the Polish Press Agency.

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The soldier is accused of desertion abroad. He faces from one to 10 years in prison.

A preliminary investigation is underway. The prosecutor said that measures were being taken at the soldier’s place of residence, data carriers were seized. They will be studied to see if he planned the escape ahead of time, or if it was a spontaneous action.

Let us remind you that on the eve of Belarus they said that a Polish serviceman guarding the border with the republic asked them for political asylum.

As it turned out, 25-year-old Emil Chechko became a deserter. In Belarus, he stated that allegedly witnessed two cases of murder Polish security forces of volunteers.

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