Polish billion dollar fine on Gazprom due to Nord Stream 2 leadership

Natural gas company Gazprom has been fined nearly 6.5 billion euros in Poland for its role in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. .

The fine represents 10 percent of Gazprom’s annual sales. This makes it the highest fine that could be imposed by the Polish authorities. Gazprom says it will appeal. According to the company, no rules have been broken.

Poland also fined five other companies participating in the project, such as Shell, for a total of around 52 million euros.

International resentment

Nord Stream 2 runs for 1200 kilometers from Russia to Germany, via the Baltic Sea. The construction of the gas pipeline has been causing international resentment for some time. In addition to Poland, the US is also a major opponent of the project. According to the countries, the Nord Stream 2 makes European countries more dependent on Russian gas, giving Russia more influence in Europe.

Nord Stream 2 is more than just a gas pipeline. An explanation in five slides, which we made earlier:

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