Police used tear gas on protesters at Iranian embassy in Oslo – arrested 90 people – VG

About 100 people met on Thursday afternoon for a large demonstration at the Iranian embassy in Oslo. Many of them have tried to enter the property.


Updated less than 10 minutes ago

Oslo police arrested and will question about 90 people after the demonstration outside the Iranian embassy, ​​Svein police chief Arild Jørundland said on the spot at 3:30 pm.

The police have no information that anyone has been injured. No police officers were injured.

Videos shared by people on Snapchat show chaotic conditions where police are equipped with shields and gas masks.

In the video you can hear the screams of the demonstrators in the background.

Many are shouting, dressed in the Kurdish flag and waving flags.

– We want freedom, the protesters on the scene shout.

There are calls for freedom for Kurdistan, for women’s freedom and for the name of Mahsa Amini.

The protester threw stones

At 14:00 the police moved to the scene with at least eleven cars.

Police say it was a notified badge, but they did not take this development into account.

Many of the approximately 100 present were aggressive and threw stones and the police used tear gas on the protesters.

– The situation is not clear. We’re starting to take control, but we don’t have it yet, Stokkli said.

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At 2:18 pm, the police announced on Twitter that they had re-established control.

Two people are slightly injured. It is not clear whether they are protesters or passers-by.

The police have cordoned off the entire area.

Iranian drone attack in northern Iraq

Yesterday Iran launched a new bombing campaign against the bases of the Iranian-Kurdish opposition group KDPI in northern Iraq. At least nine people remained on Wednesday killed in a drone attack.

In addition, at least 32 people were injured in the attack on a base in Koya, which is east of Arbil.

There have been three attacks in the past five days against Kurdish separatist groups in northern Iraq, according to the Iranian news agency Tasnim.

This is part of the backdrop for Thursday’s demonstration, Shoana Ostadi tells VG. He was one of those who called for demonstrations in front of the embassy.

– It’s about the situation that arose and that people were killed.

Other demonstrations in Iran

Since Mahsa Amini, 22, died in Iranian police custody On September 16, protesters took to the streets in several Iranian cities.

Kurdish woman pronounced dead three days after being arrested in Tehran for wearing hijab in the “wrong way”.

Numerous countries, besides the UN, have expressed strong concern after death.

YOUNG WOMAN: Mahsa Amini (22) died in custody after being arrested by the Iranian morality police. The image is from a demonstration in Berlin yesterday.

According to the human rights group Iran Human Rights, based in Oslo, at least 76 people have been killed during the violent demonstrations in Iran.

Among other things, a demonstration against the Iranian regime was organized last Saturday in front of the Stortingwhere several hundred people showed up to support the Iranian struggle against the clerical government and the lack of freedom.

Correction: An earlier version of the story stated that the protesters wore the Iranian flag. There were Kurdish flags. The change was made on 29 September 2022 at 14.40.

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