Police Stop Gus Samsudin’s Report Against Red Magician


The East Java Regional Police decided to stop the investigation of the report from Gus Samsudin against Marcel Radhival for allegedly violating the ITE Law by issuing an SP3 (Investigation Termination Order).

The letter was read directly by Marcel Radhival’s legal representative, Feriyawansyah in front of the media.

“Regarding the existence of a happy newspaper, regarding the existence of a decree number S.4/121/XII/RES:5/2022/DISKRIMSUS regarding the termination of the investigation where this investigation has a report against our client on behalf of Marcel Radhival or the Red Magician who allegedly violated the Law ITE before,” said Feriyawansyah during a press conference in the Senayan area, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (7/2/2023).

Through the letter that has been issued by the East Java Regional Police since December 30, 2022, all accusations leveled against the Red Magician have been dropped.

“With this letter, what was reported or alleged by party S is null and void, not proven,” said Feriyawansyah.

Marcel Radhival was relieved by the termination of this report. This at the same time proves that the content really educates the public.

“By stopping this report, this proves that my educational content is based on facts,” he said Marcel Radhival.

When creating content, he never intends to attack or defame someone.

“I have never attacked or insulted someone because it never occurred to me to defame someone. My goal is only to educate according to facts,” he concluded.

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