Police start investigating violations of Daejeon IEM International School for’collective infection’

I.M. Mission building located in Daeheung-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon. Reporter Ko Hyeong-seok

The police launched an internal investigation into the COVID-19 outbreak in the IEM International School in Daejeon, an unauthorized facility.

Daejeon Police Commissioner Song Jeong-ae said on the 26th, “It was decided to investigate directly at the City Police Agency in cooperation with Daejeon City,” and announced a policy to investigate violations of laws and regulations.

The Daejeon Police Agency is planning to first clearly determine whether the facility is an educational facility or a religious facility, and then investigate whether there has been any violations.

A police official explained, “In case of educational facilities, the food hygiene law part, and in case of religious facilities, the part prohibiting group gatherings has to be further reviewed, so the first thing to do is to define the facilities.”

In the case of educational establishments, a report must be filed for group meals of 50 or more people.

The police are also planning to look inside the facility for violations of quarantine regulations, such as distancing.

The police plan to continue the investigation in consultation with the city, and if a violation is found, it will switch to an investigation and file the relevant person.

Previously, 112 out of 120 students at this facility were infected with Corona 19, and a total of 133 people, including faculty members, were counted to have Corona 19.

Each dormitory room occupied 7 to 20 people, and on some floors, showers and toilets were also used. The restaurant in the basement of a five-story building does not have partitions for each seat, and it is a dense, close, and sealed restaurant, according to Daejeon City.

The quarantine authorities are planning to take action against charges, claiming that there have been more than 170 confirmed cases in Daejeon and Hongcheon, Gangwon-do because IM Mission and IEM International School did not comply with the quarantine rules. Claims for reimbursement rights are also being considered.

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