Police revealed the results of the Visum Lesti Kejora after she was strangled and beaten by Rizky Billar


Lesti Kejora she underwent an autopsy for alleged domestic violence committed by her husband, Rizky Billar. The autopsy results revealed the injuries sustained on Lesti’s body.

“The findings from this post mortem explain a number of injuries suffered by Lesti Kejora. So there are bruises on the back of her right hand accompanied by swelling, bruising and pain,” said Polda Metro PR chief Jaya Kombes Endra Zulpan when contacted detik.comWednesday (5/10/2022).

There are also bruises on the forearm in front of the body Lesti Kejora. Additionally, the autopsy results revealed that there were bruises on the posterior elbow of Lesti Kejora’s left hand.


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“Then there is accompanied by swelling, bruising, pain,” he added.

Lesti Kejora also suffered in his arm. Meanwhile, the neck is bruised and swollen due to the strangulation that was done by Rizky Billar.

“There are bruises on the front of the neck accompanied by swelling, bruising and pain,” Zulpan said.

“The injuries or anomalies were caused by blunt force,” he added.

Rizky Billar checked tomorrow

Rizky Billar will also be investigated as a reported party on Thursday (6/10). Bill Rizky asked to cooperate.

“We ask the person concerned to cooperate,” said Nurma Dewi, chief of public relations for the South Jakarta Metro Police AKP Nurma Dewi.

An exam by Rizky Billar will be conducted on Thursday (6/10) afternoon. A letter of invitation was also sent to the reported party.

“It’s still the same, so tomorrow at 1pm WIB. The letter (invitation to the exam) was also received,” he said.

The publisher contacted Rizky Billar to ask for her answer. However, until this news was released, there was no response from Rizky Billar.

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