Police Reveal Profession of Zaenab Victim of Lovebirds Murder: ‘Bank Emok’


Police uncover Zaenab’s profession (52), victims of the murder of two lovebirds AM (26) and TO (21), whose bodies were dumped in the Kemang area, Bogor Regency. Zaenab is known to work as moneylender or bank emok.

“So the victim’s profession is like a bank emok (Sundanese), borrowing money,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Bogor Police AKP Siswo Tarigan to reporters, Friday (27/5/2022).

Emok is the way a woman sits on the floor with her legs both folded up to about the thigh. Bank terms emok itself is used to call moneylenders, because when collecting debts sit in a emok.

Victim known borrow 100 million from the suspect’s father, a woman with the initials TO. The victim borrowed money from TO’s father to lend it back to other people.

“The suspect TO is indeed trying to collect a debt from the victim to his father in the amount of Rp. 100 million. So the debt is related to TO’s father lending investment money to be lent (by the victim) to other people,” he explained.

This was further strengthened by the evidence presented at the police press conference. Among them are three notebooks of debt invoices belonging to the victim.

However, when billed, the victim was unable to pay the debt to the perpetrator. The two then killed the victim on Thursday (19/5) in Sawangan, Depok.

“At that time, on Thursday (19/5), the suspects TO and AM had planned to collect them and, if they couldn’t be collected, would kill the victim’s life,” he said.

The victim’s body was then dumped in Kemang, Bogor, and found by residents on Saturday (21/5). The two suspects are currently being held at the Bogor Police.

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