Police Respond to the Video of the Pancasila Youth Doctrine Man to Kill

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A video of a man talking to a number of people suspected of being members of mass organizations Youth of Pancasila (PP) viral di social media. In the 30-second video, the man indoctrinates the people to kill.

In the video, the man is wearing a gray jacket and surrounded by a number of people wearing orange striped shirts that are identical to the typical PP uniform.

The man then asked the people who surrounded him to kill people who damaged the post or disturbed the big family of Pemuda Pancasila.

The video went viral after the police arrested a number of PP members in the aftermath of a riot in the DPR a few days ago.

Responding to the viral video, the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes E Zulpan said his party had checked the video. From the results of the examination, the video was recorded in 2019.

“Regarding the viral video, after we checked, it was an old video from 2019, so it was before yesterday’s incident that there was a riot in front of the DPR,” Zulpan said at the Polda Metro Jaya, Sunday (11/28).

According to Zulpan, the video is also not related to the arrests of several members of the PP mass organizations a few days ago.

“It has nothing to do with the arrests of the PP mass organizations that we carried out due to the riots in front of the DPR,” he said.

Previously, as many as 16 PP members were named as suspects related to the demonstration that led to a riot in front of the DPR Building. Of that number, 15 suspects were charged with the Emergency Law Number 1 of 1951 because they were caught carrying sharp weapons.

The other one was subject to Article 170 of the Criminal Code for hitting and ganging up on a police officer who was on duty.

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