Police Launch Search Operation at Myrdal Station After Finding Abandoned Tent

28. May 2023 00:37 – Updated 28 May 2023 00:38

The police started a search operation at Myrdal station on Saturday morning after finding an empty tent.

– We are about to end the search shortly. We have had people out in the terrain with dogs and heat-seeking drones, says Eivind Hellesund, operations manager in the West police district, to Bergens Tidende at 00:15 Sunday.

The police will continue the search on Sunday, unless discoveries are made in the near future.

On Saturday evening, there were 20–30 volunteers, a dog patrol and a task leader from the police involved in the search, writes The Bergen newspaper.

The search began when an empty tent was found at the station along the Bergen Railway. Now far more crews and equipment have been brought in. One will, among other things, look at the possibility of using drones since it is not possible to use a helicopter due to bad weather.

– We are in the process of calling out a good number of voluntary resources for a larger search. The investigations we have done so far have not given us the answers we needed to reduce the concern. That’s why we press the big button, said operations manager Loftesnes The daily newspaper Saturday afternoon.

Looked like someone had been living in the tent

The search began because it looked like the tent had been inhabited.

– It appears as if someone has lived in the tent, but left there and took some objects with them. It appears strange that no one has returned, said operations manager Tom Johannessen in the West police district Bergens Tidende Saturday morning.

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The police do not yet know who or how many people lived in the tent, but it appears to be one. The tent has been empty for several days.

– It could be a question of a foreign person based on discoveries made in the tent. But it is not certain, says Loftesnes.

Equipment for cooking was found in the tent, but no accommodation equipment.

Connection with man in the track

The police are investigating whether the abandoned tent can be seen in connection with an episode where a man behaved “strangely” in the same area, writes the newspaper.

On Wednesday, the Bergen Railway was stopped because a man walked on the track and refused to move.

– He appeared strange and must have moved into a tunnel. We are trying to find out who this person is, but we are not exclusively looking for this person, says Johannessen.

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