Police investigation after report of shots fired at cafe Eindhoven, man to hospital

The police received several reports on Saturday night about a possible shooting at a cafe on Tongelresestraat in Eindhoven. Officers cordoned off the area with tape. A man has been taken to a hospital.

According to a 112 correspondent, it was quite busy on Tongelresestraat at night.

‘People didn’t want to cooperate wholeheartedly’
When they got there, officers started talking to the people on the street. “Several cars and people were also checked and telephones were seized, among other things,” the 112 correspondent said.

“It was extra difficult for the police that people did not want to cooperate wholeheartedly and did not want to say much about what exactly had happened.”

The victim was at the cafe when police arrived, according to the 112 correspondent. He was taken to hospital but had no gunshot wounds, a police spokeswoman said.

In the street in front of the cafe was a pylon with a bullet casing underneath, the officer on duty said.

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