Police in Kwun Tong building destroyed 5 prostitution houses and 9 technicians arrested the eldest of 52 years

The illegal group rented the council building to run a foot bath or massage shop as a disguise and actually provided prostitution businesses. Police cracked down on prostitution in Kwun Tong, destroyed 5 prostitution establishments suspected of being controlled by gangsters, arrested 14 men and women, including 9 women suspected of providing prostitution services, the oldest was 52; seized 30,000 yuan in cash, a batch of business registration certificates, evidence such as towels, massage tables and massage oils.





Among those arrested, 2 males and 3 females (aged between 41 and 63) suspected of having a triad background, responsible for renting units and organizing the prostitution of technicians, suspected of running prostitution establishments and violating the rules on the prevention of epidemics in the premises The other 9 women arrested were aged between 39 and 52 years, suspected of having provided immoral massage and masturbation services to clients, was arrested on charges of “assisting in the management of prostitution establishments “. Seven women were accused of failing to scan guests for safe travel, violating epidemic prevention regulations, and receiving fixed penalty warnings.

Liu Siqi, senior inspector of the Anti-Triad Action Team of the Kwun Tong Police District, said the police had previously received a tip that someone had rented an old apartment in the Kwun Tong District, with the excuse of running a unlicensed foot bath or massage room and prostitution activities actually offered. The police raided on Monday (3) and found that 5 surfaces were footbath or massage shops, and found that someone was involved in the secret running of a prostitution establishment; The prostitution institution is estimated to have been in operation for about 3 to 5 years, and technicians can provide massage and masturbation services for clients. The fare ranges from 400 to 500 Hong Kong dollars, and technicians can receive meat ranging from 100 to 150 yuan.

The hygiene and ventilation of the premises were reportedly poor, the arrested technicians did not wear masks while providing services, and the massage rooms and utensils were not disinfected, with a high risk of spreading the disease to guests and the community. The police are investigating whether the venue is controlled by the same group and it is not excluded that other people will be arrested.

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