Police in India Revealed to Have Wealth of IDR 141.2 Trillion

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – Anti Body Corruption of India reportedly arrested one Police seniors, after he has a wealth of up to Rp 141.2 trillion.

The law enforcer was identified as Asistem Commissioner Yelmakuri Narasimha Reddy, with assets worth 700 million rupees or Rp 141.2 trillion.

Wealth it is known that after the invasion of Telangana to Andhra Pradesh it is reported that there is in the form of agricultural land.

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Based on the release submitted by the anti-agency corruption (ACB), they carried out raids in 25 places. Starting from Hyderabad to Anantapur District.

ACB explained, the police official had collected wealth disproportionately through corruption and other crimes.

When he was arrested, Reddy was said to be in charge of the Malkajgiri division which was under the coordination of the Rachakonda Police Commission.

Gazetted Gulf News Thursday (9/24/2020), Reddy is said to have started his career in the police in 1991 with the rank of sub-inspector.

ACB explained that they had confiscated Reddy’s assets which consisted of 22 hectares of land in Anantapur, 1,638 square meters of land in front of the Madhapur Siber Tower.

Then a four-story Hyderabad building, two houses, two bank accounts, a number of investments in real estate and several businesses.

Law enforcers said that currently accounts in the bank cannot be opened, with an investigation being held to reveal other assets.

The raid was launched after ACB obtained reliable information about how the police had amassed their coffers of money.

Local authorities said there was a possibility that the 700 million rupee asset value they confiscated would increase as the evidence developed.

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