Police find bus involved in tourist murder in Santurce

The authorities do not rule out charges in absentia for the murder of a tourist in Santurce, after last night they found the Nissan Pathfiner bus that was used to run him over.

Lieutenant Ángel Martínez, director of the Homicide Division of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of San JuanHe indicated that the bus was found last night on Aurora Street, near Fernández Juncos Avenue, in the El Gandul sector, in Santurce.

“It was last night, at about 11:00 at night. I was alone, abandoned,” said Martínez, who said the vehicle was then taken to the Forensic Sciences Bureau.

The victim of the murder was identified as Andrew James Coyle.

Security camera videos captured the moment it was thrown from the bus to the pavement and then backed up to run over it. The crime was reported by the police on February 1.

Martinez had already indicated that they had a theory of what had happened. Now they think the suspect left for the United States.

“We already had the veiled bus. The investigation was well advanced. What we lack is the person,” Martínez said.

“We are going to continue with interviews today and we will take the missing test to know whether or not it is based on absence,” he added.


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