Police ends illegal party with forty people and DJ in Arnhem | NOW

The police in Arnhem intervened during the night from Saturday to Sunday at an illegal party where more than forty people were present. An official report has been made against the owner of the house. The other attendees received an official warning. A spokesperson for the police reported this to NU.nl on Sunday.

During the night, the police received various reports of loud music in a building on Boulevard Heuvelink. The sound came from a party where a DJ was also present. The meeting goes against the emergency ordinance that applies because of the corona crisis.

Meetings with many people are not allowed because they contribute to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Police have intervened across the country in recent weeks if people did organize parties or other gatherings.

If the guests at the party in Arnhem violate the emergency ordinance again in the near future, they will still be fined 400 euros.

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The coronavirus in short


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