Police conclude that he was shocked after suffocating the branch Shakha Kumari Murder Arun

Thiruvananthapuram: Police have concluded that Shakhakumari (51), a native of Karakonam, was brought to the hall after her husband Arun (28) suffocated her in the bedroom. During interrogation, the police came to know that he was killed by pressing his face with his hand to rob the branch property. Police have not registered an arrest for allegedly confessing to Arun.

Police say other details could be revealed after receiving the post-mortem report and forensic reports. Forensic examination revealed blood stains on the bedroom and bedsheets. She was rushed to a private hospital on Saturday morning.

Her husband Arun said she was shocked by the Christmas lights. Police took Arun into custody after doctors expressed suspicion. The branch where the beauty parlor was located in Neyyattinkara met Arun two years ago. The marriage took place two months ago. Arun was outraged when wedding photos with an older branch came out.

Arun’s family did not know about the marriage. There were not many people at Arun’s side at the wedding. Relationships deteriorated when friends mocked and disputed property for marrying an older woman. The murder took place on the last day of the fast taken by the branch to improve her husband’s character.

Arun took power directly from the meter board in the name of Christmas lights. The relatives of the branch allege that the power was taken from the meter board to further shock them. Neighbors knew that Arun had once tried to shock the branch. That is why the locals informed the police that there was a mystery in the death.

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