Police close Antwerp café that wanted to ignore closing time (Antwerp)

Message from Friday evening. © atv

The Antwerp police have officially closed café La Suite in the Luikstraat in Antwerp, which wanted to bypass the 11 pm closing time.

The cafe had announced via social media that it would close at 11 p.m. on Friday, but reopen just after midnight. The district team of the West region decided to keep an eye on the matter.

There was a buzz and soft music inside. There was someone outside, approaching passers-by and reporting that the place was open. That man, the manager of the business, it turned out, also opened the door for guests who arrived by taxi.

Police decided to visit the bar shortly after midnight. There were twelve people inside, including two staff. The glasses were still full, indicating that the place still served drinks.

The police drew up an official report and also closed the case administratively.


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