“Police Chase and Cash Thrown from Car in Antwerp’s Hoboken District”


The Antwerp local police chased a car in the Hoboken district on Saturday evening that fled a check after a traffic violation. That says Gazet Van Antwerp and the police confirm the facts. Large sums of cash were thrown from the vehicle during the chase. The police were able to recover several tens of thousands of euros.

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The car itself managed to escape, although a man came to the police during the night with the message that he was the driver in question. Why he then fled and why he threw away the money he had with him is still under investigation. The police do not rule out that part of the money thrown away was picked up by passers-by or local residents.

Between the pursuit and the moment when the alleged driver turned himself in, the police thought they had noticed the fleeing vehicle. It came, again, to a chase that led via the A12 all the way to Schaerbeek. There the vehicle was jammed with the help of other police zones, but it soon turned out to be a slightly different type of car. It is not clear why the driver of the car drove away from the police. The man did have a driving ban and, like his passenger, he already has a judicial past.

The man who came forward as the original driver will be arraigned for suspected money laundering. The two occupants of the second car were allowed to dispose of after questioning, but the driver may still have to answer to the police judge. The investigation into both facts and whether they are really completely separate from each other is ongoing.

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