Police brutality against German corona demos escalated: shock images

German politicians keep saying they have to make unsolicited comments on police operations in foreign countries. But in Berlin of all places, ever more brutal violence is being used against peaceful rally participants. As you can see on the shocking video recordings, police thugs use massive violence against lawyer Markus Haintz and his companions for no reason whatsoever.

Comment by Willi Huber


Not only the fact that excessive state power was exercised against a lawyer who identified himself as such – the man is also the legal representative of the lateral thinking movement that is critical of the corona measures. The scenes that took place yesterday in Berlin would be worthy of a banana republic, where some high-handed dictators can be tricked into people. In West Germany in particular, such arbitrary acts of violence could not have been imagined until recently.

Disenfranchised citizens?

The emergency services attacked the lawyer at the lateral thinking demonstration around 2 p.m. for no apparent reason from behind, threw him to the ground and transported him away. His companion was reportedly charged with “resisting” because she refused to let go of his hand. If you see the video, you think you are in the wrong film again. The times when German citizens had rights are probably over once and for all.

The arrest orgies on Sunday were apparently ordered and planned by the highest authorities, as the police had set up a large area to deal with these measures. The system-loyal media, which critics often use the term “lying press”, write in their reporting of “excesses”. At the same time, a new word was invented: the participants in the lateral thinking demonstration would be “ideological conspiracy”. What emerges beyond doubt from the linked report by t-online, however, is the fact that left-wing extremist thugs attacked peaceful demonstrators, including many elderly people and families with children.

Intensive criminals are petted in Berlin

The extreme police brutality in Berlin must also be seen in the context of the procedure against Arab clans and drug dealers, for example in Görlitzer Park. While one proceeds against intensive criminals with kid gloves and instead of being arrested and charged with assigning them fixed sales points for their illegal activities, one sees no constitutional problem in using massive violence against system critics.


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