Police blow up Corona party, then it gets wild – Tyrol

The police reported twelve young people to an illegal “corona party”. You now face hefty punishments.

On Wednesday night, at 1:38 a.m., residents of a residential complex in Innsbruck filed a complaint about this loud noise from a room there.

Shortly afterwards, the executive was at the door. Following the signals from the police, a 22-year-old Frenchman opened the locked door. Behind him, the officials could make out other people who were obviously celebrating a party.

Immediately after being asked to identify themselves, the celebrants fled in different directions. The young Frenchman was stopped in time by the officials. After his identity had been established, he was informed that holding such a party is a criminal offense within the meaning of the Covid Act and that he is now being reported.

The 22-year-old then acted inconsiderately and aggressively towards the police. As the executive reports, he committed several administrative offenses. Despite repeated requests, the young man did not stop his aggressive behavior and had to be arrested temporarily using physical strength.

In the further investigations carried out, 11 other participants were ultimately able to participate “Corona party not to be surpassed in nonsense” (Nehammer) be averaged out. After the investigation is completed, the twelve people will be notified of violations under the Covid Measures Act to the competent authorities. No one was injured in this incident.

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