Police asked Tino Martin to leave home due to threat of robbery | NOW

Tino Martin was asked by the police to leave his home last week because there were plans for a robbery, the singer tells The Telegraph.

“My girlfriend and I were informed by the police last Friday. The information was very scant and amounted to the fact that we might be the target of an armed robbery. The police urged us to move temporarily elsewhere,” the police said. 37-year-old singer.

He is now back home. The police are supervising extra and security has been increased. Martin has not been told who is behind the plans for a robbery.

“I don’t understand very well, because we have nothing of great value and no cash in the house. But it is good that we have been warned, because everyone is extra alert. It is annoying that we had to leave our house, but luckily everything is now safe. “

Celebrities have recently been victims of home robberies. For example, robbers previously penetrated the homes of reality star Amanda Balk, Gordon, Fred van Leer and Nikkie de Jager.



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