Police Arrest Groom at Wedding, Bride Goes Rage

The bride goes on a rampage and chases the police car who arrested the groom in Ecuador. (Source: Mirrors)

EL ORIO, KOMPAS.TV Police arrested the groom at a wedding in Ecuador, which made the bride go into a rage.

The bride angrily then chased after the police car carrying her partner.

The man, who was not named, was arrested by the police in connection with the case of supporting a child that was allegedly his with another woman.

The incident occurred in El Guabo, El Orio Province, which is the southernmost of Ecuador.

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Quoted from Mirror, Tuesday (11/23/2021), the couple was just about to say “I do”, when the groom was arrested by the police.

Video footage of the groom being taken away by the police has gone viral on social media.

The invited guests also looked angry and confused.

The bride was also seen chasing a police car by running into the street.

He was heard shouting to the police not to take his partner away.



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