‘Police are ready: Dutch hooligans assist Design fans in Germany’

Royal Antwerp FC is competing in and against Frankfurt and the fans of the Belgian tradition club are said to have nefarious plans. Revenge is feared after German hooligans destroyed the supporters cafe before the first leg. For the return, Dutch hooligans would show their support Antwerp have committed

About 1,750 tickets were sold and most supporters just go by car or bus to watch a nice match. The newspapaer. However, that is not the plan of all those present: a delegation of hooligans would like to take revenge after the attack by the Frankfurt fans before the first leg at the Antwerp supporters café.

Several colleagues from befriended Belgian and Dutch hard cores would be present to support Antwerp in Germany and so the help of the Dutch police and ‘hooligan spotters’ was called in. It is not clear where the hard cores have agreed. The Christmas market in Frankfurt is already the chosen place for Antwerp fans as a meeting point. Dozens of police cars were already lined up near the Christmas market.

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