Home World Police are looking for parents who have given birth to their newborn

Police are looking for parents who have given birth to their newborn

Searching for parents: the women’s shirt in which the baby was wrapped.
Picture: Police of South Hesse

Walkers discovered an abandoned newborn child in Rüsselsheim. Now the police are looking for the parents with the clothes they have found.

NAfter finding a newborn in a bush in Rüsselsheim, the police started a large-scale public search. On Tuesday, the investigators released photos of the clothes the baby, who was only a few hours old, was wearing. Among other things, they hope to get references to the parents. As a spokesman for the police in Darmstadt said, it is completely unclear how little boy got into the bushes. “The investigation is in full swing,” said the spokesman.

Walkers had spotted the whimpering infant near a small river on Friday evening and alarmed the police. The child was taken to a hospital and his health is reported to be stable. If it hadn’t been found, it would “probably freeze to death in the cold temperatures at night,” said the police spokesman. Investigators assume that the child has been abandoned.



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